WHO is en Vogue?

Incorporated in 1996 by a team of qualified and experienced industry experts, en Vogue's philosophy is to formulate and manufacture the best advanced, safe and easy-to-use gel products for the professional nail technician.

Continuous R&D allows en Vogue to bring fashion-forward gel products to the nail market, all while maintaining strict quality controls and applying healthy organic chemistry.

Throughout the world, en Vogue provides premium gel products to nail professionals who appreciate quality and consistency.

TRULY Different

  •  Manufactured in our own facility in Canada

  • Offers unique product chemistry

  • Meets strict regulations of European law

  • Dedicated to quality: highest grade ingredients; strict quality controls; finest materials and packaging

  • Artisan producer

  • Premium products for conscientious nail technicians 

GREEN Technology

  • Only organic polymers

  • No solvents

  • No toxic ingredients

WHY use en Vogue?

FLEXIBLE & STRONG - en Vogue products imitate the structure of the natural nail and offer a light, natural fell and look with exceptional resiliency.

ODOUR FREE - en Vogue products do not release odours or VOC'c, making them ideal for use in any environment.

NON TOXIC - en Vogue products are safe. They are non toxic and 9 Free.

NON-POROUS - en Vogue products seal against staining, fungi and molds.

NON-YELLOWING - en Vogue products do not yellow and they cure crystal clear.

NO PRIMER - en Vogue products do not contain aggressive chemicals.

CURING - en Vogue products cure in both LED and UV lights.

TRAINING AND SUPPORT - en Vogue offers unparalleled education and support.