The Premium Collection


Premium Collection Product OVERVIEW


Prep & Clean is used in a wipe-off manner before tip or product application. It is designed to prevent moisture, oils and bacteria from being trapped between the natural nail and the product. Its scent is similar to rubbing alcohol. Connector is a bonding agent providing adhesion between the natural nail or tip and the product. You might think of it as a “two-sided sticky tape”. Connector is to be applied in a very thin layer, almost in a “scrubbing” motion. It should not be shiny, and the texture of the nail plate should still be visible. Can be used under any products from the Premium or SIMPLY collections.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED – 2 minutes • UV – 2 minutes


French Modeling Resin is our white builder used to extend the free edge. French Modeling Resin can be applied onto the natural nail, a tip or a form. The applied layer should not be too thick. It should not appear as a solid white on the form, but with a shadow of the grid slightly showing through. Available in Regular and Natural French

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 90 sec low heat mode • UV – 2 minutes

Modeling Resin Clear is used for mechanical stability, providing a strong, yet flexible extension of the natural nail plate. It is designed with the ability of applying a full hand while creating an arch without it running into cuticle and sidewalls. Modeling resin is best suited for sculpting and fills. It is great for all nail types and shapes.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 90 sec low heat mode • UV – 2 minutes

Blush, Cool Pink and Pink Modeling Resin are the three shades of Modeling Resin available. Blush and Cool Pink are both semi-opaque transparency where as Pink is completely translucent. All have the same premium benefits as Modeling Resin Clear.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 90 sec low heat mode • UV – 2 minutes

Extender Modeling Resin may be explained as a camouflage. It can be used to extend onto a form or a tip for a short nail plate or on a severe nail biter resulting in the appearance of a beautiful elongated nail. Also used for reverse French application for extreme lengths. The opaque consistency covers imperfections with all the benefits of Modeling Resin. Available in Vanilla, Nude and Rosé.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 90 sec low heat mode • UV – 2 minutes 22

Premium Collection Con’t

Sealer is our UV only finishing gel. It is used to finish the nail service with a very high gloss shine and scratch resistant surface. Application is to be generous, thicker than connector. Make sure to avoid cuticle contact. Available in Clear or Pink.

Recommended curing time: • UV Only – 2 minutes

One Component may be explained as Connector, Modeling Resin and Sealer combined into one product for versatility and simplicity. One Component enables nail technicians to speed up time. Application must be in three steps 1) Thin, like connector 2) Thicker, for strength 3) Thin again, like sealer. Curing after each coat. This product is best suited for fills, overlays and resin toe applications. It is not designed as a sculpting product, but perfect for overlays on clients who have a natural arch to their nail and/or naturally strong nails. Available in Pink or Clear.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 90 sec low heat mode • UV – 2 minutes

Ultra White Fill is primarily used for the “French fill”, i.e. to re-enhance the extended edge of the “French Manicure.”. The objective is to recreate an appealing smile line and a balanced extended edge. Ultra White must be “sandwiched” between two layers of resin and should not be applied on the natural nail unless a thin layer of gel has been applied first. Ultra White Fill is not suited for building a free edge as it has a very low viscosity.

Recommended curing time: • UV/LED - 60 sec • UV – 2 minutes

Renew & Repair Cuticle Oil Natural oil and plant extracts oils from Sunflower, Grape Seed, Jojoba and Vitamin E along with essential oils of Bergamot, Black Pepper, Roman Chamomile, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Promotes healing and soothing of dry, cracked or stressed skin. Recommended for fungus treatment and prevention

Available Sizes: 10ml or 30ml.