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Adaptable to all skill levels


Quick & cost effective

Easy to use


No solvents

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9 Free - Healthy Nails


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Simply K.I.S.S.

Keep it SIMPLY Simple (K.I.S.S.)

SIMPLY is a nail tech friendly, complete line of gel products with a wide range of applications. Offering three gel types, there is a SIMPLY product for every type of client.

  • SIMPLY Super Bond 15 ml - this bonding agent eliminates lifting on those difficult clients. Apply sparingly and air dry. For use before SIMPLY Connect.

  • SIMPLY Connect 15 ml - the double sided "stick" for use before applying SIMPLY gels. A little bit goes a long way.

  • SIMPLY Smooth 30 ml - a very thin viscosity, extremely self-leveling hard gel that cures to a smooth finish and high shine every time. Use for natural nail overlays, tip overlays, infills and sculpting extensions. Can also be used as base, builder and topcoat in one. Due to its "smooth" finish filing is minimal. Excellent for encapsulating nail art designs. Available in Clear and Blush.

  • SIMPLY "Classic" Gel 30 ml - a medium viscosity, hard gel with smooth, flow characteristics that enables nail technicians to speed up their service time. Ideal for use with tips, forms, natural nail overlays and fills. SIMPLY Gel is flexible, durable and has great adhesion. Available in White, Clear and Blush.

  • SIMPLY Sculpt 30 ml - (coming soon) a very thick, non-self-leveling hard gel designed to allow the nail tech to build the nails of one hand all at once, without the product running into cuticles and sidewalls. SIMPLY Sculpt provides excellent strength and flexibility, and is especially suited for building avant guard nail shapes. Cures without heat spikes. Available in Clear.

  • SIMPLY Fibre Gel 15 ml - an unique product for natural nail overlays. Also excellent for use before a gel polish service to provide added strength and protection.

  • SIMPLY Super Shine 15 ml - finishing top coat that provides a flawless shine every time.

From Overlays to Nail Art ~



Add excitement to your nail service with SIMPLY Colour gels, SIMPLY Glitter gels and SIMPLY Specialty gels.

SIMPLY Colours are rich, deeply pigmented gels that are thick, creamy and easy to apply and incorporate into any manicure or nail art service.

With new and innovative technology, SIMPLY Colour Gels offer full coverage with a polish consistency and strong durability.

Create dynamic "bling" overlays and unique nail art designs with full coverage with deep lustre.

These 5 ml pots of saturated colour are avilable in over 75 shades including, Pastels, Neutrals, Brights, Neons Softs and Darks and come in creame, shimmer, glitter and specialty glitter formulas.

Be the artist you were meant to be. It's SIMPLE with SIMPLY Colour!

Painting gels that inspire.

Perfect for that nail artist who loves to do nail art, SIMPLY Paint are excellent for one stroke work, line work and character painting.

en Vogue SIMPLY Paint offers:

  • Deep pigmentation

  • Mixability for custom colours

  • Smudge free

  • Full coverage

  • Won't bleed

  • Tack free

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