We represent innovative gel products!
en Vogue is a Canadian company and we manufacture sculpting (builder) resins, curable polishes, self-leveling gels, nail art accessories and so much more.
We listened to you, the nail tech and salon owner, and your clients, the fashion forward public, and created a pallet of colours for our gels and polishes that will turn heads!!! 
 We are proud to be labeled as the avant-garde of artificial nails. Using the most up- to- date polymer science. We continue to develop the latest technology and provide the products necessary to achieve success in the nail industry. 
When you shop with us, you can count on product reliability and excellent customer service.
We love to encourage the community of nail technicians and salon owners to be their best!!! To help you achieve your loftiest of goals we continue to create the leading gels and tools of your trade! 
Happy shopping!