Featured Products

We have created a new and innovative colour gel line, Simply Colour Gels! Finally a full coverage colour with a polish consistency(awesome for art) but is truly a strong, durable gel. We have so many different and beautiful colours you will be inspired over and over.

Simply colour gels can be cured in either UV or LED light source. Don't forget we have bulbs that are two in one for your convience!!


About us

en Vogue was created 20 years ago by an esthetician who dreamt of building a company that could manufacture safe, reliable products with in Canada. Surpassing all client and professional expectation was a dream realized and now we are recognized around the world as a leader in our trade. 

We can confidently use en Vogue resins year after year without causing damage to ourselves, our clients or the environment.

We are continuously driven forward by our clients needs and desires to be the best of the best.  

We provide the supplies, training and support for salon owners and nail techs to be in a league of their own.

The future for en Vogue is bright! We will continue to grow and innovate by listening to our clients needs in the ever changing beauty industry. We are proud to set a high standard in the manufacturing of UV and LED  curing resins. More then any other artificial nail system, we combine an elegant look and feel with a durability surpassed by no one.

We are most proud of our stand out product traits! These are why clients continue to support our product through the years...  

  • Flexible and strong
  • odor free
  • Non- toxic
  • Non- porous
  • Non- yellowing
  • No primer